New! Creation Sings! (Austin C. Lovelace, SATB, keyboard, 420-805, Mod. easy)

New! Hilariter (The Whole Bright World Rejoices Now) (David Ashley White, SATB, organ, flute, finger cymbals, 405-511, Mod. difficult)

New! Saved By a Touch (Paul Bouman, SATB a cappella, opt. Sop. and Bar. solo, 410-561, Mod. easy)

New! Let in the Light (Alfred V. Fedak, 2pt., organ, 410-674, Mod. easy)

New! Shepherd of Souls (Alfred V. Fedak, SAB, organ, 410-421, Mod. easy)

New! Fight the Good Fight (Alfred V. Fedak, SATB, organ, 410-635, Mod. easy)

New! May the Angels of God Watch Over You (Wm. Roberts, SAB, keyboard, 410-138, Mod. easy)

New! Faith and Hope Triumphant (Ronald Nelson, SATB, keyboard, 405-560, Mod. easy)

New! Psalm 4 (Peter Adams, SATB a cappella, 410-804, Mod. diff.)

New! If I Take the Wings of Morning (Amanda Husberg, SATB, keyboard, 420-162, Mod. easy)

New! Praise the Lord Who Reigns Above (David Ashley White, SATB, organ, 410-806, Mod. diff.)

New! Good Shepherd, The(Carl Schalk, SATB, organ and oboe, 420-825, Mod. easy)

New! If You Can Walk (Hal H. Hopson, SATB, keyboard, 410-620, Mod. easy)