New! Are You Weary of Your Burden (David Ashley White, SATB, violin or kybd., 420-365 Mod. easy)

New! Ever-Flowing Streams of Praise (Alfred V. Fedak, SATB, kybd., opt. violin, 410-609, Mod. easy)

New! Christ, Who Knows All (David Ashley White, SATB, organ, 420-148, Mod. easy)

New! Valediction (Alfred V. Fedak, SATB, organ, 440-832, Mod. diff.)

New! Most High, Omnipotent (Craig Phillips, SATB, organ, 410-629, Diff.)

New! From All That Dwell (Alfred V. Fedak, SATB, organ, opt. brass quartet, 420-750, Mod. easy)

New! The Windows (Alan Lewis, SATB, 418-618, Mod. diff.)

New! The Appleton Motets (Carson P. Cooman, Two-part (S.A. or T.B.), 410-538, Mod. easy/Mod. diff.)

New! Matin Responsory (David Ashley White, SATB a cappella, 405-140, Mod. easy)

New! A Prayer for Advent (Craig Phillips, SATB, flute, organ, 405-182, Mod. diff.)

New! Kings Are Sleeping (Carson P. Cooman, SATB, 405-275, Mod. easy)

New! The Glory of Christmas (Austin C. Lovelace, SATB, kybd., 405-202, Mod. easy)

New! Come, Join in Cana's Feast (David Ashley White, SATB, organ, 405-385, Mod. easy)

New! Arise, Shine, for Your Light Is Come (Robert J. Powell, SAB, kybd., 405-331, Mod. easy)

New! To Thee, O Comforter Divine (David Ashley White, SATB, organ, 405-632, Mod. easy)

New! The Lord Is My Shepherd (Alfred V. Fedak, SATB, organ, 440-828, Mod. diff.)