New! The Beatitudes (Craig Phillips, SATB, organ, 410-516, Mod. diff.)

New! Maker of the World (Fedak/Carson P. Cooman, Two-part choir, keyboard, 420-130, Mod. easy)

New! The Rain and Snow (David Ashley White, SATB, flute or violin, 410-535, Mod. easy)

New! Lord, for Thy Tender Mercies Sake (David Ashley White, SAB, a cappella, 420-239, Mod. easy)

New! Our Songs to You, Dear Lord (Joann Rodland/John Ferguson, SATB, organ, brass quartet, 410-643, Mod. easy)

New! Any Kingdom We Have (Carson P. Cooman, SATB, organ, 410-525, Mod. easy)

New! A True Hymn (Craig Phillips, SATB, organ, 418-624, Mod. difficult)

New! Antiphon: Let All the World (Alfred V. Fedak, SATB, organ, 418-623, Mod. diff.)

New! Love Bade Me Welcome (David Hurd, TTTTBB, a cappella, 418-615, Mod. diff.)

New! Prayer of St. Francis (Alice Parker, Double SATB choir, a cappella, 410-630, Mod. diff.)

New! Where Is This Stupendous Stranger (David Ashley White, SATB, organ, 405-260, Mod. easy)

New! The Houston Mass (Gerre Hancock, SATB, organ, congregation, 410-960, Mod. diff.)

New! Te Deum (Carson P. Cooman, Two-part choir, organ, 410-930, Mod. easy)

New! Happy Are All Who Fear the Lord (David Ashley White, SATB, organ, oboe, opt. cong., 410-828, Mod. easy)

New! O Thou Who-/Your Statutes Are My Songs (David Ashley White, SATB, organ, 410-451, Mod. easy)

New! All Hail the Power (John Ferguson, SATB, organ, brass quartet, opt. cong., 425-873, Mod. diff.)

New! Come, Let Us Join (Alice Parker, SATB, organ, opt. cong., 425-856, Mod. diff.)

New! From All That Dwell (Hal H. Hopson, SAB, organ, opt. tpt. & bells, opt. cong., 425-850, Mod. easy)

New! Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken (Craig Phillips, SAB, organ, 2 tpts./kybd., opt. timp., opt. cong., 425-888, Mod. easy)

New! Holy, Holy, Holy (K. Lee Scott, SATB, organ, brass quartet, timp., perc., opt. cong., 425-612, Mod. diff.)

New! Jesus, Lover & Watchman, Tell Us (Carl Schalk, SATB, organ, brass quartet, timp., opt. cong., 425-845, Mod. diff.)

New! Jesus Shall Reign & I Know That (Edwin T. Childs, SATB, organ, brass quintet, timp., opt. cong., 425-401, Mod. easy)

New! Promised Land (David Ashley White, SAB, kybd., flute, percussion, opt. cong., 425-817, Mod. easy)

New! When I Survey the Wondrous Cross (Alfred V. Fedak, Two-part, kybd., opt. treble inst., opt. cong., 425-350, Mod. easy)


New! Into Jerusalem Jesus Rode (Fedak, Two-part, organ, harp/kybd., 405-411, Easy)

New! Be in My Seeing (Wold, SATB and kybd., 410-672, Mod. easy)

New! O Sorrow Deep! (Hurd, SATB a capella, 405-436, Mod. diff.)

New! Come Away to the Skies (White, SATB a cappella, 405-555, Mod. diff.)

New! This Is the Hour (Fedak, SATB and organ, 410-444, Easy)

New! Christ Among the Poor (Cutts, SATB, kybd., 420-717, Mod. easy)

New! Peace Song (Oliver, SATB, kybd., opt. chimes, 410-619, Mod. easy)

New! Hear Me, My God (Oliver, SAB, organ, 410-688, Mod. diff.)

New! Love Is of God (Parker, SATB and organ, 410-696, Mod. diff.)

New! Psalm 42: As Pants the Deer (Fedak, SATB and organ, 410-854, Mod. easy)



Wayfaring Stranger (Parker, SATB a capella, mezzo-soprano solo, 420-796, Mod. diff.)

There Is a Season (Fedak, SATB a capella, 410-507, Mod. easy)

King of Glory (Hurd, SATB and organ, 418-622, Mod. diff.)

This Is a Day of New Beginnings (White, SATB, organ, opt. cong., 425-871, Mod. diff.)

His Voice as the Sound (Fedak, SATB and Hammered Dulcimer or synthesizer, 420-427, Mod. easy)

Concertato on Rushford (Martinson, SATB, organ, and brass quartet, 425-831)

Like the Murmur of the Dove's Song (Cutts, SATB and organ, 405-644, Mod. easy)

The Kingdom of Love (White, Two-part, flute or recorder, keyboard, percussion, 405-128, Mod. easy)

Tell Out My Soul (Hurd, SATB and organ, 410-882, Mod. diff.)

Is a Murmuring Dove Nearby (White, SATB and organ, 405-251, Mod. easy)

Beneath the Stars in Bethlehem (Pickard, SATB and organ, 405-247, Mod. diff.)

Falan-Tidings (Pearson, SAB and organ, 405-309, Mod. easy)

Weave Your Net of Words (Oliver, Two-part choir, opt. narrator, keyboard, 410-682, Mod. easy)

Give Me the Wings of Faith (Lawson, SATB and organ, 415-813, Mod. diff.)

Look, Ye Saints, the Sight Is Glorious (Witherup, SATB and organ, 415-819, Mod. easy)

O How Glorious (Owens, Two-part mixed choir and organ, 420-784, Mod. easy)

Glory to God (Powell, Two-part choir and keyboard, 422-861, Mod. easy)

Who Shall Separate Us (Webster, SATB and organ, 410-540, Mod. diff.)

Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit (Lowenberg, Unison/Two-part choir and keyboard, 410-557, Mod. easy)

Psalm 4 (Adams, SATB a capella, 410-804, Mod. diff.)

All Who Are Just, Sing Praise (Couperin/arr. Proulx, Two-part choir, keyboard, opt. cello/bassoon, 410-832, Mod. easy)

O Sing to the Lord an Original Song (Kauffmann, 410-898, SATB and organ, Mod. diff.)

Jubilate (Psalm 100) (White, SATB and organ, 410-810, Difficult)