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Selah is proud to be the publisher of Richard Leach's hymns, and the hymn below was the winning hymn in the contest sponsored in 1998 by the Macalester-Plymouth United Church and the Presbytery of the Twin Cities, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota. The contest theme was the church's social responsibility entering the millenium, and Leach's text addresses our concerns very well.

If you would like to download a copy (in Adobe® PDF format) for use in your church, go to the bottom of this page for instructions.


How Long Ago the World Was Taught
Suggested Tune: O WALY, WALY

How Long ago the world was taught
the justice God would have us do;
the kindness we are told to love;
the humble walk God calls us to.

For long before the Savior's birth,
the law and prophets made it clear
what love of God and neighbor are:
an easy yoke for us to wear.

And now two thousand years and more
have come and gone since Jesus' birth.
He made the law and prophets his,
and passed them on with added worth.

How long a time, how long a time!
How very clear the truth we find:
No page turned on a calendar
can make us humble, just, or kind.

Have mercy on us, gracious God,
and turn the pages of our hearts,
to find the days and weeks and years
where living long-known teaching starts!

Text: Richard Leach, 1998.
© 2011 Selah Publishing Co., Inc., Pittsburgh, Pa., 15227. All rights reserved.

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