Children are the future of the church, and the music we have them sing must be worthy of their talents and potential. Selah's collection of anthems and our children's hymnal respect the gifts God has given our children by giving them music that is not condescending but respects them as they are and giving them music to help them grow, both musically and spiritually.

Children's hymnal
To God with Love
A collection of traditional hymns and carols (many with simpler accompaniments), spirituals, and new hymns and songs that are spirited, lively, useful, and fun. For pre-school through elementary age children.
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Choral anthems
There's a Voice in the Wilderness Crying (Craig Phillips, Two-pt., kybd., 422-903, Easy)

He Rose!
(Spiritual, arr. Ronald Nelson, Unison voices, keyboard, opt. descant, 422-401)

He Rose!
(Spiritual, arr. Ronald Nelson, Unison voices, keyboard, opt. descant, 422-401)

Swing Low Sweet Chariot/ All Night, All Day
(Spiritual, arr. William S. Haynie, Two-part treble and keyboard, 422-812)

Come, Let Us Sing to the Lord
(Deborah Holden-Holloway, Unison and keyboard, 422-731)
New! I Am the Good Shepherd (John Arnn, Unison choir, kybd., 422-810, Easy)
What Colors God Has Made
(Austin C. Lovelace, Unison voices and keyboard, 422-830)
When Children Pray
(Anne Wilson, Unison voices and keyboard422-728)
Wordless Song within the Waters
(Alfred V. Fedak, Unison/two-pt., kybd., 422-904, Mod. easy)

Psalms and settings of scripture
Glory to God
(Powell, Two-part choir and keyboard, 422-861, Mod. easy)

Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit
(Lowenberg, Unison/Two-part choir and keyboard, 410-557, Mod. easy)
Praise the Lord from the Heavens
(Robert Powell, Unison voices and keyboard, 422-772)
If You Love One Another
(Ronald Nelson, Unison/two-part, keyboard, 422-841)

Mother's Day
God of Eve and God of Mary
(Hal H. Hopson, Unison/two-part and keyboard, 422-724)



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