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Earth Has Many a Noble City

Composer David Ashley White Text Marcus Aurelius Prudentius, 4th cent. tr. based on Edward Caswall, 1849
Two-part choir and organ
Church Season Epiphany
2' 00" Price $1.40 (U.S.) Released 6/97
Catalog no. 405-322  Difficulty Moderately easy

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"The joy is that when David Ashley White is present on a list, his excellent music and alphabetical order allow me to close with positive response. Earth has many a noble city is an ideal hymn-anthem: David's original tunes (stanza four has contrasting material) are accessible without being trite, the accompaniment makes a genuine contribution to the work, and the climax is so skillfully prepared and so tastefully done that we can all shamelessly wallow in its glory without guilt. Buy this one!" Journal of the Association of Anglican Musicians, November/December 1997

Description A useful two-part hymn-anthem for Epiphany, for use by treble, male, or mixed choirs with organ. Easy, yet satisfying to sing and play, the work yields a full, rich sound in minimal rehearsal time.

Anthem text
Earth has many a noble city;
Bethl'hem, thou dost all excel:
out of thee the Lord from heaven
came to rule his Israel.

Fairer than the sun at morning
was the star that told his birth,
to the world its God announcing
seen in human form on earth.

Eastern sages at his cradle
make oblations rich and rare;
see then give, in deep devotion,
gold and frankincense and myrrh.

Sacred gifts of mystic meaning:
Incense doth their God disclose,
gold the King of kings proclaimeth,
myrrh his sephulcher foreshows.

Jesu, whom the gentiles worshipped
at thy glad Epiphany,
unto thee, with God the Father
and the Spirit, glory be.

Text: Marcus Aurelius Prudentius, 4th cent. tr. based on Edward Caswalt, 1849.
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