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God Is Our Strong Salvation

Composer W.A. Mozart, arr. Hal H. Hopson
Isaiah 12:2-6
SATB and keyboard
Church Season Advent, Easter Topics Praise and Adoration
Scripture references Isaiah 12:2-6
2' 00" Price $1.95 (U.S.) Released 6/96
Catalog no. 410-531 Difficulty Moderately easy

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"In the past, Hal Hopson has tastefully adapted larger choral works for smaller choirs, and this exuberant arrangement is no exception. Here, Hopson interprets early Mozart in its simplest terms; the symmetrical shape of the phrases, the rhythmic pattersn, the 3/4 meter, and the characteristic sigh motif are all typically early Classical. The vocal lines are scalewise, streamlined, and very approachable for the less experienced singer. Hopson's skill is especially evident in his treatment of the final section. This showy, imitative passage highlights each voice part and brings the anthem to a close. The keyboard part is very pianistic, but most organists would not have any trouble making adaptations. The text is s a paraphrase of Isaiah 12:2-6. This arrangement is an excellent choice for an SAB church choir of limited resources or a young teen choir. Adults and teens will appreciate how the piece sounds 'bigger' and more difficult than it really is." -Choral Journal, February 1999

Description A vigorous and joyful setting of The First Song of Isaiah, and it is fun to play (the accompanist does most of the work). Taken from K. 49 of Mozart.

God is our strong salvation;
We will not be afraid.
God alone is my stronghold,
our Savior, our lasting song.

We go with joy to the wells of mercy.
We draw the water, the Spring of Life.
And on that day you will say with the faithful,
"Thanks be to God, call on God's holy name."
God's great deeds proclaim to all the earth.

Rejoice, rejoice and sing! Rejoice and sing!
Rejoice and sing! Make known to the people,
"The Lord is here!"

Text: Isaiah 12:2-6; para. Hal H. Hopson.
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