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How the Grandeur of Creation

Composer Craig Phillips
Text Carl P. Daw, Jr.
SATB, organ, opt. string quartet
Topics Creation, Praise & Adoration
3' 45" Price $2.25 (U.S.) Released 6/96
Catalog no. 410-639 Difficulty Difficult
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Other editions Cond. score/Opt. String parts
Cat. no. 410-640 Price $40 (U.S.)
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"Craig Phillips' setting of Carl Daw's How the grandeur of creation was commissioned for the 60th anniversary of St. Philip's in the Hills, Tucson (I thought the cover looked familiar!), and it ups the ante considerable. While Selah sent me only the choral score, with the String Quartet condensed as an organ part, it is clear that both Fr. Daw and Dr. Phillips have set out to say something beyond the usual Sunday morning choral offering. This is an outrageously splendid, extravagantly glorious achievement which is both immediately accessible and filled with inner joys (including references for inseders). Selah is to be as much admired for publishing this work as Carl and Craig are for creating it and Bill Roberts for commissioning it! Large parishes with the appropriate resources deserve to have such challenges available for them, just as much as they owe the setwardship of their resources in keeping such works alive." -AAM Journal, March 1998.

Description A difficult though stunning and worthwhile piece. If you're looking for an ambitious anthem for your choir, this is it. If you have a string quartet available, so much the better.

Anthem text
How the grandeur of creation
manifests the Maker's might,
when the sun with piercing radiance
paints the hills with dazzling light!
Yet we yearn for something nearer
for assurance keen and strong,
for some clear and present token
of the God for whom we long.

So in Christ God came among us,
joined our life, our joy, our pain,
gracious sign of how God loves us
past our power to explain.
Day by day through works and wonders
Jesus showed how lives can be
blessed and used like loaves and fishes,
feeding, healing, setting free.

Loaves and fishes, lives and faces,
wordless smiles forgiving wrong,
selfless deeds of prayer in action,
peaceful silence, soaring song:
by such means the Spirit forms us
to be channels of God's grace,
drawing us to prayer and worship
offered in this hallowed place.

Triune God, our source and pattern,
shape us in the life you share:
bless, disturb, bring hope and comfort,
give us faith to risk and dare;
wake in us your gifts and graces,
through us make your mercies known;
form in us a holy people
called by love to be your own.

Text: Carl P. Daw, Jr., 1996
©1996 Hope Publishing Co., Carol Stream, Ill. 60188 (for permission to reprint this text contact Hope at All rights reserved.

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