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Sarah MacDonald
Choral Series

Music for the Church
[by women]


Sarah MacDonald's introduces you to this new series!

Inaugural releases • January 2020
12 anthems by 8 different composers

A Gaelic Blessing

Sarah MacDonald
SAB, a cappella

As We Gather
At Your Table

Eleanor Daley
SATB, organ

Sing, My Soul,
His Wondrous Love

Sarah MacDonald
SATB, organ,
opt. congregation

My Eyes for Beauty Pine

Elxiabeth Coxhead & Tom Coxhead
SATB a cappella, soprano solo

Five Introits

Sarah MacDonald
SATB a cappella

O Nata Lux

Annabel Rooney
SATB a cappella

The Church's
One Foundation

Eleanor Daley
SATB, organ,
opt. congregation

Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence

Stephanie Martin
SATB double chorus, a cappella

Fitzwilliam Service
(Mag & Nunc)

Sarah Cattley
Two-part treble, organ

Preces & Responses

Elizabeth Kimble
SATB a cappella

Preces & Responses, Set 2

Sarah MacDonald
Two-part treble,
a cappella

Missa Brevis
Tongues of Fire

Cecilia McDowall
SATB, organ

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We don't want to brag

but we spend a lot of time making sure the typesetting is as clear as can be, and that the covers are as beautiful as the music inside. We get a lot of comments thanking us for our attention to these details. (Plus, it makes it lots easier holding up one of our covers in a rehearsal.)

The Sarah MacDonald Choral Series uses photographs taken by our editor, Sarah MacDonald!

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