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Organ and keyboard titles by Composer

Selah is proud to publish the organ and keyboard compositions and arrangements of these fine composers:

Ashdown, Franklin
Bohlert, Thomas
Cooman, Carson
Copes, V. Earle
Corl, Matthew
Fedak, Alfred V.
Hancock, Eugene
Hurd, David
Kennan, Kent
Lawson, Gordon
Lovelace, Austin C.
Lowry, David
Martin, Gilbert
Mitchell-Wallace, Sue
Neswick, Bruce
Nixon, Robin
Phillips, Craig
Proulx, Richard
Rowan, William P.
Scheidt, Samuel
Schulz-Widmar, Russell
White, David Ashley
Wold, Wayne

Ashdown, Franklin Back to top
Preambolo Maestoso (Franklin Ashdown, organ solo, 170-867, Difficult)

Bohlert, Thomas Back to top
God Rest Ye Merry: Three Preludes for Christmas (Thomas Bohlert, organ collection, 160-780, Mod. diff.)

Cooman, Carson P. Back to top
In the Light (Carson P. Cooman, piano and organ duet, 160-885, Mod. diff.)

Copes, V. Earle Back to top
Copes: Intonations & Harmonizations, Vol. II (V. Earle Copes, 160-722)
Flourish on McKee (V. Earle Copes, organ solo, 160-656, Mod. easy)

Corl, Matthew Back to top
Easter Triptych, An (Matthew Corl, organ collection, 160-312, Mod. easy-Mod. diff.)

Fedak, Alfred V. Back to top
Advent/Christmas Suite, An (Alfred V. Fedak, organ collection, 160-112, Mod. diff.)
Divinum Mysterium (Alfred V. Fedak, organ solo, 160-116, Mod. easy)
Fantasia on St. Anne (Alfred V. Fedak, organ solo, 012-001, Mod. diff.)
Fedak: 25 More Harmonizations, Vol. IX (Alfred V. Fedak, 160-729)
Fedak: Harmonizations, Vol. III (Alfred V. Fedak, 160-723)
Festival Prelude on Hyfrydol (Alfred V. Fedak, organ solo, 160-654, Mod. easy)
Improvisation on Veni Creator Spiritus (Alfred V. Fedak, organ solo, 160-513, Mod. diff.)
In Paradisum (Alfred V. Fedak, organ solo, 160-662, Mod. easy)
Invocation & Dance (Alfred V. Fedak, organ and strings, 160-95x, Mod. diff.)
Lenten/Easter Suite, A (Alfred V. Fedak, organ collection, 160-123, Mod. diff.)
Meditation on Adoro te Devote (Alfred V. Fedak, organ collection, 160-611, Mod. easy)
Sonata for Worship (Alfred V. Fedak, organ solo, 160-844, Mod. diff.)
Variations on a Ground (Alfred V. Fedak, organ solo, 160-868, Mod. diff.)
Variations on Pange Lingua (Alfred V. Fedak, organ solo, 160-684, Mod. difficult)

Hancock, Eugene Back to top
Wrath of God, The (Eugene Hancock, organ solo, 160-863, Difficult)

Hurd, David Back to top
Three Fugues (David Hurd, Organ/keyboard, 160-840, Mod. diff.)

Kennan, Kent Back to top
Variations on a Quiet Theme (Kent Kennan, organ solo, 160-872, Difficult)

Lawson, Gordon Back to top
Tuba Mirum (Gordon Lawson, organ solo, 160-856, Difficult)

Lovelace, Austin C. Back to top
Lovelace: Two Preludes, Vol. IV (Austin C. Lovelace, 160-724)
Lovelace: Variations on NICAEA, Vol. VII (Austin C. Lovelace, 160-727)
Six Preludes (Austin C. Lovelace, organ collection, 160-671, Mod. easy-Mod. diff.)

Lowry, David Back to top
Trumpet Galliard, A (Samuel Scheidt/David Lowry, organ solo, 160-618, Mod. easy)

Martin, Gilbert Back to top
Jesus and the Children (Gilbert Martin, organ solo, 160-647, Mod. easy)
"Sweet By and By"­An Organ Meditation (Gilbert Martin, organ solo, 160-652, Mod. easy)

Mitchell-Wallace, Sue Back to top
Epiphany Suite, An (Sue Mitchell-Wallace, organ collection, 160-140, Mod. diff)

Neswick, Bruce Back to top
Variations on Langham (Bruce Neswick, organ duet, 160-880, Mod. diff.)

Nixon, Robin Back to top
When Jesus Wept (Robin Nixon, piano, 830-322, Mod. easy)

Phillips, Craig Back to top
Fanfare for organ solo (Craig Phillips, organ solo, 160-640, Mod. difficult)
Fantasy: Torah Song (Craig Phillips, organ solo, 160-857, Difficult)
Glad Praises We Sing (Craig Phillips, organ collection, 160-814, Mod. diff.)
Joy to the World (Craig Phillips, organ collection, 160-815, Mod. diff.)
March for Trumpet and Organ (Phillips, 160-970, organ and tpt., Mod. diff.)
Partita on Veni Creator (Craig Phillips, organ solo, 160-440, Mod. difficult)
Phillips: 25 Harmonizations and Descants (Craig Phillips, organ collection, 160-731, Mod. easy)
Suite for Organ and Brass Quintet and Percussion (Craig Phillips, organ and brass, 160-981, Mod. difficult)
Tribute (Craig Phillips, organ solo, 160-682, Mod. easy)

Proulx, Richard Back to top
Proulx: 15 Hymn Intonations, Vol. I (Richard Proulx, 160-720)
Proulx: Harmonizations, Vol. VI (Richard Proulx, 160-726)
Proulx: More Intonations, Vol. V (Richard Proulx, 160-725)
Proulx: Still More Intonations, Vol. VIII (Richard Proulx, 160-728)
Yet Even More Intonations (Richard Proulx, organ collection, 160-730, Mod. easy-Mod. diff.)

Rowan, William P. Back to top
Two Trumpet Voluntaries (William P. Rowan, organ collection, 160-622, Mod. easy)

Scheidt, Samuel Back to top
Trumpet Galliard, A (Samuel Scheidt/David Lowry, organ solo, 160-618, Mod. easy)

Schulz-Widmar, Russell Back to top
Procession (Russell Schulz-Widmar, organ/keyboard, 160-626, Mod. easy)

White, David Ashley Back to top
Aria (David Ashley White, organ solo, 160-680, Mod. easy)
Brewer's Trumpet (David Ashley White, organ solo, 160-822, Mod. easy.)
For the Means of Grace & for the Hope of Glory (David Ashley White, organ solo, 160-835, Mod. diff.)

Wold, Wayne L.
Partita on Coronation (Wayne L. Wold, organ solo, 160-635, Mod. easy-Mod. difficult)


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