Jesus Is the Sunlight

Alfred V. Fedak and Carson P. Cooman

Composers Alfred V. Fedak and Carson P. Cooman
Price $12.00 (U.S.) Released 2/11
Difficulty Moderately easy
Catalog no. 160-648

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Richard Leach's text "Jesus Is the Sunlight" was set to the beautiful hymn tune CALLAHAN by Alfred V. Fedak in 1999. In 2008 and 2001 respectively, Fedak and Carson Cooman each wrote organ works based upon this tune. Cooman's piece is a lush and atmospheric meditation. Fedak's work is a set of five variations. The variations can be performed together as a single piece for service or recital, used in any portion as an introduction to a singing of the hymn, or used as alternatum organ interludes between each verse of the hymn.

"This is an interesting publication that contains three items in one volume: a recent hymn tune, CALLAHAN, by Alfred Fedak set to words of Richard Leach from 1996; five versets by Fedak on the tune CALLAHAN, and a meditation on the same tune by Carson Cooman. Both text and tune of the hymn are beautiful, and more profound than the first line might convey. The text evokes 'God himself is with us' with a modern sensibility. An emphasis on Mary is notable; her name in every stanza provides a gender balance to the name Jesus (stanzas one to three begin 'Jesus is the sunlight, Mary is a rainbow'). . . .The flowing diatonic tune by Fedak enhances the dignity of the text in a quiet way. . . . . Fedak's first four variations are lovely miniatures, gentle and warm. In Variation V the sunlight is depicted through joyful triplet figurations and a plenum registration. Carson Cooman's meditation, composed in 2001, features sections of improvisatory freedom and rich harmonies. Give this hymn and the accompanying pieces a try!" --AAM Journal, Nov. 2012

"Fedak wrote his hymn tune CALLAHAN in 1999. His five variations on this tune are short and range from easy to moderate in difficulty. The hymn with text is provided and can be sung by the congregation between variations. Cooman's meditation on the same tune is slow and sustained with a simple pedal part. Easy to moderate difficulty." --Worship Arts, March-April 2012


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