Festival Prelude on Hyfrydol - organ -Alfred V. Fedak

Composer Alfred V. Fedak
Use Prelude/Postlude
Price $4.25 (U.S.) Released 12/94
Difficulty Moderately easy
Catalog no. 160-654
Discography "Come, Creator Spirit" (Selah)

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Fedak has once again written an exciting prelude on a familiar hymn. It is accessible, happy, bright, and fun to play. Moderately easy, and it sounds more difficult than it really is.

"This familiar tune is treated here with refreshing harmonies and rhythmic interest. The piece opens and closes with brief passages of free writing, between which the hymn tune is presented in a clear and recognizable manner. The pedal line is quite accessible, mostly serving to provide harmonic support. Moderately difficult. Highly recommended." -Cross Accent, January 1996

"Fedak effectively capitalizes on the dance-like character of the tune HYFRYDOL by introducing a lilting motif in the opening measures which gives the piece the feeling of a grand waltz. The first two phrases of the hymn tune appear as a solo line by turns in the tenor and soprano registers, while the second half of the melody is set as the soprano of a fuller texture. The left hand requires dexterity and agility to negotiate quick alternations between playing above and below the right hand, but technical demands in the pedal are minimal. The pedal part is primarily slow-moving and present for just half of the piece. Fedak's suggested registration of coupled plena on a two-manual organ is lackluster; the use of solo colors and the addition of reeds for the last section of the piece would really make it festive, even on a small instrument. A very appealing offering from Fedak, artistically presented on heavy stock by Selah." -Diapason, July, 1997

"The more your reviewer sees of Fedak's compositions, the more impressed he is with the high quality of his writing. These four pieces published by Selah support that impression. Each one is in a different style and runs the gamut of fairly easy (Divinum Mysterium) to difficult (Veni Creator Spiritus, which is a toccata). The most original and lovely is 'In Paradisum' with double pedaling against strings, with the melody on an 8' flute in the right hand. All four settings are worth your attention." --The American Organist, January 2003

"Fedak's setting is effective and quite easy."--The American Organist, June 2004


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