From Past to Future - Four Preludes for organ
on Hymn Tunes of Alfred V. Fedak
- Carson P. Cooman

Composer Carson P. Cooman based on hymn tunes by Alfred V. Fedak
Price $11 (U.S.) Released 7/08
Difficulty Moderately easy
Catalog no. 160-668

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I. Three Tall Trees,

II. Borrow a Stable,
III. Heal Me, Hands of Jesus,

IV. Year By Year, from Past to Future,

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  1. Three Tall Trees Grew on a Windy Hill
    Text by Herbert O’Driscoll
  2. Borrow a Stable
    BORROWING STRANGER, 1996; Text by Richard Leach, 1993
  3. Heal Me, Hands of Jesus
    HANDS OF JESUS, 1998;
    Text by Michael Perry, 1981
  4. Year By Year, from Past to Future
    SAGE HILL, 1991;
    Text by Alan Luff

“From Carson P. Cooman we have two collections of preludes based on hymn tunes. The first set, Eternal Dayspring: Three Preludes for Organ, is based on hymn tunes by David Ashley White, including ‘Father of Mercies,’ ‘We Who Wake in Hope,’ and ‘Blessed Be the God of Israel.’ These choral preludes are not difficult and registrations are simple. The second, From Past to Future, is based on hymn tunes by Alfred Fedak. In this collection are the hymns ‘Three Tall Trees Grew on a Windy Hill,’ ‘Borrow a Stable,’ ‘Heal Me, Hands of Jesus,’ and ‘Year By Year, from Past to Future.’ Again, the music is not difficult and the pieces are fairly short.” --AAM Journal, September 2010

Four accessible organ preludes on original hymn tunes tunes of Alfred V. Fedak (as published in Sing to the Lord No Threadbare Song). These pieces are highly suitable for introducing the tunes to a congregation, although they are equally useful as organ voluntaries or a recital suite in cases where the tunes are not known. The music of each prelude is inspired by the original texts. "Three Tall Trees" is ballad-like, "Borrow a Stable" is a buoyant scherzo, "Hands of Jesus" is a prayerful meditation, and "Year by Year, from Past to Future" is a festive toccata.


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