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Preambolo Maestoso

Composer Franklin D. Ashdown
Use Recital
$9.00 (U.S.) Released 6/95
Difficulty Difficult
Catalog no. 160-867

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"I must confess that I was not impressed with this new work at first; nonetheless, I went back over the piece a number of times and kept finding new and interesting aspects that escaped my ear on earlier hearings. The piece is based on a motive in 6/4 meter that is almost chantlike in character. This motive is developed in a variety of ways and then resolved to the major mode at the conclusion. What one notices immediately is the linear nature of the writing that seems reminiscent of the music of twentieth-century German composers like Ernst Pepping and Hermann Schroeder. It is not an easy piece, technically speaking, but neither is it beyond the grasp of many church organists who might be looking for a different kind of prelude, especially for an important or festive occasion. Highly recommended." -Cross Accent, January 1996

This piece will leave you breathless, as well as those who listen. Somewhat reminiscent of Hindemith, it's not easy, but it lies reasonably well under the hands and is worth the effort to learn as a festival prelude, processional, postlude, or recital piece. It was premiered at the Far West AGO Regional in 1993 by Dr. James Welch. Oblong format.



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