Sojourn for Organ and Wind Ensemble -- Craig Phillips

Composer Craig Phillips
Length 15' 10" Released 7/10
Difficulty Moderately difficult

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"A new work by Phillips, 'Sojourn for Organ and Winds,' was recently premiered at the AGO National Convention in Washington, D.C. This wonderful work for organ and winds fills a neglected spot in the organ plus instrument genre. At the beginning, the boe, clarinet and bassoon have figuration that mimics minimalism. The horn part takes the melodic solo, projecting over the figuration of the orther winds and the organ. The middle section moves quietly with ideas alternating between organ and winds. A playful and lively section follows, allowing the organ to have its solo moment, then flowing back to the opening merial with a strong ending. This music deserves frequent performance." --AAM Journal, July/August 2010

"The commissioned work on this program [the premiere] was Craig Phillips's Sojourn for organ, oboe, clarinet, French horn, and bassoon. Phillips has established himself as a bright light among church composers. His harmonic idiom is fresh and complex, but accessible to the average audience; in short, just what a church musician is looking for. Sojourn is broadly in three sections: a strong rich opening followed by a lyrical middle section and an upbeat conclusion...the composition was beautifully crafted, and the composer was at his best in the achingly beautiful melodic lines of the slow section." --The American Organist, October 2010


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