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Summit Records has released this fine recording of the organ music of Craig Phillips, David Ashley White, and Daniel Gawthrop and Selah is proud to have a number of our publications included on the recording. The music of these three composers, all living and working in the United States, is accessible and captivating for both the casual listener and the sophisticated musician. The composers write in a decidedly American style: lyrical, tonal, melodic lines with rhythmic drives leading to climatic finishes. The learned musician will find rich harmonic structures, development of themes and colorful instrumentation. The music is forward looking and fresh, full of the American spirit of exploration, discovery, and triumph.

Paul Skevington does an excellent job at interpreting these works on, and he has the fine support of members of The Washington Symphonic Brass on a number of the pieces. We highly recommend this recording.

Sinfonia Festiva
Music of Daniel Gawthrop, Craig Phillips, & David Ashley White

Paul Skevington, organ
members of the Washington Symphonic Brass

Music by Daniel Gawthorp, Craig Phillips, David Ashley White
Length 64:24
Price $16.95 (U.S.) Released 1/06
Catalog no. 540-545

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1-3 - Sinfonia Festiva - Daniel E. Gawthrop
(Allegro Moderato, Adagio, Scherzo)
4 - Chorale - Daniel E. Gawthrop
5 - Fanfare for St. Anthony - David Ashley White
6 - Psalm Prelude - Craig Phillips
7-9 - Triptych - David Ashley White
(Prelude, Capriccio, Hymn)
10 - Fanfare for Organ - Craig Phillips
11 - Incantation - Daniel E. Gawthrop
12 - For the Means of Grace and for the Hope of Glory - David Ashley White
13-15 - Suite for Organ, Brass Quintet, and Percussion - Craig Phillips
(Prelude, Cantilene, Toccata)


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