Suite Breve

organ solo - Craig Phillips

Composer Craig Phillips
Price $16.00 (U.S.) Released 6/09
Difficulty Mod. easy/Mod. diff.
Catalog no. 160-609

Suite Breve excerpt

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This suite of very short pieces was designed to serve a number of purposes. The pieces, all of moderate difficulty, vary in mood and texture, and each features a different group of stops on the organ (i.e. flutes, reeds, foundations, and so forth). The pieces may be used in a variety of ways: they may be excerpted or grouped together in various combinations to serve as voluntaries for a church service; they may be used as teaching pieces; or as a complete set on a recital. The registration indications are suggestions, and may be adapted to best suit various instruments. Creativity is encoraged in this regard, but the primary colors must be preserved.

Photo by Lynn Dobson, Dobson Pipe Organ Builders. Used by permission.

Commissioned by the
AGO Boston 2009 Convention
Regions I & II

I. Prelude (for the Foundations)
II. Impromptu (for Flutes and Mutations)
III. Fanfare (for the Reeds)
IV. Lament (for Strings)
V. Epilogue (for Full Organ)

“Suite Breve is a suite of five movements that can be used in any number of ways—as individual movements for services, as teaching pieces, or as a complete suite in a recital. Registration is adaptable as long as the primary colors are preserved. The first piece, ‘Prelude,’ explores textures for foundations; the second, ‘Impromptu,’ flutes and mutations; the third, ‘Fanfare,’ uses the reeds; the fourth, a plaintive ‘Lament,’ is scored for strings; and the last section, ‘Epilogue,’ employs the full organ. Each piece is fairly short and the music is of medium difficulty.” --AAM Journal, September 2010


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