Bayoubüchlein: New Choral Preludes
AGO Houston 2016

Composer Various
Released 7/16
Use Voluntaries
Difficulty Mod. easy to Diff.
Catalog no. 160-616
Price $50 (U.S.)

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This distinctive new collection of organ music for the liturgical year was commissioned for the 2016 National Convention of the American Guild of Organists in Houston. The title refers to J. S. Bach’s volume of chorale-based organ works and Houston’s Gulf Coast waterways. Realizing that newer hymn tunes often lacked chorale preludes, the convention’s new music committee decided that each piece in this collection would be based on a hymn tune composed since 1960. The works chosen are a combination of pieces commissioned by the convention and pieces selected from an open “call for scores.”

Commissioned composers
Chelsea Chen  (Bethold)
David Dahl  (Dunedin)
Nancy Galbraith  (Mississippi)
Anne Roberts  (Seed, Scattered and Sown)
Aaron David Miller  (Rejoice, Rejoice)
Rebecca Groom te Velde (Judas and Mary)

All Composers
Adams, Robert Train
Chen, Chelsea
Cheung, Hon Ki
Corl, Matthew
Cornelius-Bates, Benjamin
Dahl, David
Draper, Ruth
Emmerich, Michael
Fielding, Thomas
Galbraith, Nancy
Hamilton, Gregory
Kull, Joyce
Miller, Aaron David
Mundinger, Louise
Portman, Brenda
Roberts, Anne
Sanders, Bernard Wayne
Strobel, Joyce Moon
Taylor, Larry
te Velde, Rebecca Groom
VerKuilen, Donald
White, Kathryn Sparks





"This collection of preludes on hymn tunes composed since 1960 provides stylistic variety and includes a broader spectrum of composers than one sees in typical offerings by denominational publishing houses. Organists in Lutheran churches and elsewhere are the richer for it. Included are compositions commissioned for worship services at the 2016 convention of the American Guild of Organists and additional works selected from a call for submissions. Among the commissioned works are attractive arrangements of DUNEDIN by David Dahl; MISSISSIPPI by Nancy Galbraith; and SEED, SCATTERED AND SOWN by Anne Roberts. Twenty-two composers are represented, and many of the hymn tunes are included in newer hymnals and supplements, (Fourteen out of the 31 tunes are found in ELW, with several additional tunes familiar from other denominational resources.)" --Cross Accent, Fall/Winter 2017

Tunes included
Augustine (Erik Routley)
Bethold (Mark Sedio)
Bread of Life (Susan Toolan)
Bring Forth (Marty Haugen)
Cantad al Señor (Brazilian)
Castlewood (Richard Proulx)
Dunedin (Vernon Griffiths)
Falcone (Carol Doran)
Gather Us In (Marty Haugen)
Houston (Kathleen Thomerson)
Judas and Mary (Sydney Carter)
Julion (David Hurd)
Kelvingrove (Scottish)
Lord of Life (Kevin J. Hildebrand)
Meadville (Walter Pelz)
Mighty Savior (David Hurd)
Millar (Gayle Schoepf)
Mississippi (William Bradley Roberts)
O God You Searched Me (Bernadette Farrell)
Pecan Street (Richard Proulx)
Pescador de Hombres (Cesáreo Gabaráin)
Promise (Natalie Sleeth)
Rejoice, Rejoice (Marty Haugen)
Seed, Scattered and Sown (Don Feitan)
Shillingford (Peter Cutts)
St. Helena (Calvin Hampton)
Stay with Us (Walter Pelz)
Telos (Robert Buckley Farlee)
The Feast Is Ready (Graham Kendrick)
Tree of Life (Bruce Becker)
You Are Mine (David Haas)



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