Sonata for Worship

organ - Alfred V. Fedak

Composer Alfred V. Fedak
Use Prelude, offertory, postlude, recital music
Price $16 (U.S.) Released 6/95
Difficulty Moderately difficult
Catalog no. 160-844
Discography "Come, Creator Spirit" (Selah)

Buy a recording on Alfred V. Fedak - Come, Creator Spirit: Fedak Plays Fedak At Westminster Church, Albany - Sonata for Worship: I - Prelude

Listen to excerpts
I. Prelude
II. Aria (Homage to Bach)
III. Carillon on PSALM 42

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A sonata composed for worship services. The three movements were intended as a prelude, offertory, and postlude, though each could find many other uses, and the entire sonata is good recital material. The Prelude opens with slow but powerful harmonic movement, moves to a faster middle section then returns to the slow harmonic progressions that build and build until the final resolution. The middle Aria movement is in homage to Bach's trios. It is a tender and sweet contrast to the first movement, and the type of piece that you sometimes never want to end. The final movement is a Carillon on GENEVAN PSALM 42 (FREU DICH SEHR) that is a little tricky rhythmically, but as bright and energetic as you would expect a carillon to be. Moderately difficult, but falls well under the hands. Oblong format.

"Hot off the press, this new three-movement work provides excellent possibilities for both service music and teaching repertoire. The first movement, 'Prelude,' is somber in nature and constructed in ternary form (please note that the tempo indication 'Agitato' is missing from page 3, systmen 1, measure 4). Movement II, 'Aria,' pays homage to Bach as an imitation of his famous Arioso. This movement is written in trio texture and shows Fedak's ability to compose a good melody with solid counterpoint to support it. The aria's contemplative nature will make it usable for weddings. Movement III, Carillon, is a rollicking setting of the hymn tune, PSALM 42 (Freu Dich Sehr in Lutheran circles). The changing meter and challenging pedal passages will require some preparation, but the effort will be well spent. Easy to moderately difficult. Highly recommended." -Cross Accent, January 1996

"Alfred V. Fedak continues to provide exciting compositions. From Selah Publishing Co. is his Sonata for Worship (160-844). Made up of three movements, we find a Prelude, an Aria, and carillon. Only the final section is based on a hymn tune, in which we hear Bourgeois' Psalm 42 (also called Freu Dich Sehr) in a festive and rhythmically driving setting. The movements are useful when spaced throughout the service or played as a unit. Great fun!" -The Hymn, Jan. 1996

"The three movements are meant for prelude, offertory, and postlude. The first is Satie-like with slow disjunct chords, moving to a fast section, then returning to slow harmonic progressions, and building to a final resolution. The second is a beautiful 'Aria' in trio form, and the last is a 'Carillon' for organo pleno. Worth looking at and moderate in difficulty." -The American Organist, February 1997.


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