Scenes from a Gallery

for Organ, Flute, and Violin

Craig Phillips

Composer Craig Phillips
Release Date 1/13
Use Concerts, recitals, voluntaries
Difficulty Moderately difficult
Full score/parts 160-900 ($36)
Flute/Violin parts 160-901

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A six-movement work for organ, violin, and flute, with each movement a reflection/interpretation by the composer on an accompanying painting or sculpture. A powerful suite, and it is ideally performed with each artwork projected for the audience to view during the performance.

"The six movements vary quite a bit in terms of texture, mood, and style, but I think they also meld quite well into a cohesive and engaging work," Phillips says. "I hope the overall effect would be as if the listener were walking through an art gallery."

The full score includes images of the artwork that are always visible to the organist while performing.

I. "First Chakra Light,"
based on a painting by Barbara W. Lines
II. "Calculated Risk,"
based on a sculpture by Michael Westmoreland
III. "Never Alone,"
based on a painting by Dianna Price
IV. "Muse,"
based on a painting by Deborah Houston
V. "Mathematical Equation for Grace,"
based on a painting by Jena Rawley Taylor
VI. "Breaking Loose,"
based on a painting by Karen Wolfram

This suite--for flute, violin, and organ--is inspired by specific paintings and sculpture by contemporary artists. Three of the six movements are scored for the full ensemble; one movement each for flute and violin solo with organ; and one organ solo. Phillips' very skilled writing for instruments and organ continues in this accessible and dramatic music. The suite can be played in its entirety (ideally with projections of the artwork), or the individual movements can be excerpted for service use.

Download PowerPoint presentation of the artwork to be shown during performance.

Presentation 1

Presentation 2


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