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Rae E. Whitney

Since the late 1970s the poet Rae Whitney has focused on her hymn text writing. Her hymn texts have been included in denominational hymnals such as The Hymnal 1982 (Episcopal), The Presbyterian Hymnal (1990), and The Baptist Hymnal. Eight of Rae's texts were published in Selah Publishing Co.'s Songs of Rejoicing (1989), and 26 were published in Selah's New Songs of Rejoicing (1994). Selah has also published a collection of Rae's texts entitled With Joy our Spirits Sing (1995) and a second volume Under the Fig Tree: More Hymns and a Few Poems (2007).

Rae E. Whitney was born at Chippenham, Wilts, England. She received a B.A. (honors) in English from the University of Bristol, and a Certificate of Education. On December 31, 1960, Rae married Rev. Clyde E. Whitney, Rector of St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, Scottsbluff, Nebraska and then moved to Western Nebraska. She assisted her husband in many areas of his ministry until his death in 1992.


Congregational Song publications
New! Under the Fig Tree: More Hymns and a Few Poems by Rae E. Whitney (125-431)
New! Fear Not, Little Flock: Hymns of Rae E. Whitney, Vol. I and Vol. II (125-402, 125-403)
With Joy Our Spirits Sing: The Hymns of Rae E. Whitney (125-401)

Choral octavos
A Carol for Advent (Carl Schalk, Unison, keybd., flute, 405-156, Mod. easy)
If I Take the Wings of Morning (Amanda Husberg, SATB, keyboard, 420-162, Mod. easy)
Lord, I Am Searching (SATB, keyboard, and flute, 420-364)
Miracles! (Austin C. Lovelace, SATB, keyboard, 410-485, Mod. easy)
Song of Simeon (Lovelace, Unison and organ or SATB a cappella, 410-852, Mod. easy)
Take Up the Song (David W. Music, SATB, organ, opt. brass, 420-406, Mod. easy)
Without the Fire (SATB and organ, 410-275)


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