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Spring Bursts Today

Composer Sam Batt Owens
Text Christina Rosetti
Voicing Two-part or two-part mixed voices and organ
Church Season Easter
2' 15" Price $2.00 (U.S.) Released 6/96
Catalog no. 405-542 Difficulty Moderately easy

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"These pieces are neither mindless nor obvious, and-unless the miles between us have removed me more from my dear friend than I like to admit-these represent a new facet in the jewel of Sam's art. Pressed to articulate that, I must say that they seem tighter; the scope is much the same, but the detail and the energy of the detail is more closely packed. Spring Bursts Today illustrates this well; it uses an S/T and A/B division of the two-parts to produce a four-voice imitative texture which lives in the rich embrace of an independent and inventive organ part. I just had to try it out with a quartet of singers, and we discovered what I had suspected: the piece looks 'small' on paper, but it explodes in volleys of sound. By contrast, Christ the Lord Is Risen uses a more traditional S/A and T/B division of sound, with an organ part that is more supportive than independent. By using constantly shifting, asymmetrical rhythms, these forces ally to spin out the energy in an evanescent, mercurial texture." -AAM Journal, March 1996

Description An exuberant setting for smaller choirs. A strong anthem for Easter Sunday. Commissioned by the Anglican Association of Musicians Foundation in order to enlarge the repertoire of quality resources for smaller choirs.

Spring bursts today,
for Christ is ris'n and all the earth's at play.
Flash forth the sun,
the rain is over and gone,
it's work is done,
it's work is done.
Spring burst today,
for Christ is ris'n and all the earth's at play.

Winter is past,
Sweet spring is come at last.
Break forth this morning in roses,
thou but yesterday a thorn.
Sing, creatures, sing,
angels and birds and ev'rything.
Sing, creatures sing. Sing, sing, sing.

Spring bursts today,
for Christ is risen and all the earth's at play.

Text: Christina Rossetti (1830-1894), alt.

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