David Ashley White

David Ashley White’s secular and sacred compositions are widely performed and published.  He has received numerous commissions throughout his career, including most recently from the Association of Anglican Musicians, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Galveston/Houston, and the Royal School of Church Music in America.  Since 1980, ASCAP has recognized him with an annual award for his activities in composition.

White’s vocal and instrumental music is recorded on several labels, including Zephyr, which has released two compact discs — Echoes from the American Cathedral, a selection of White’s sacred music sung by the acclaimed St. Paul’s Choir from Houston, and The Blue Estuaries, which features his choral suite by the same name, commissioned and performed by the Houston Chamber Choir.  The Blue Estuaries, on five poems by Louise Bogan, was premiered at the 1998 convention of Chorus America and is published by E.C. Schirmer, Boston.  It was also sung by the Houston Chamber Choir at the 1999 national convention of the American Choral Directors Association, held in Chicago.

In spring 2007, Gothic label released White’s Praise the Spirit.  This recording, sung by the Palmer Choir, Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church, Houston, Courtney Daniell Knapp and Brady Knapp, co-directors, contains more of White’s anthems, motets, service music, and hymns.  Scott Cantrell, writing in the Dallas Morning News, described White as having a “natural feel for vocal line, but also a keen ear for glowing harmonies.”  Lindsay Koob, in The American Record Guide, wrote, “His music reveals a distinctly Anglican ring and spirit…yet its Yankee heritage shines through as well.”  

White was composer-in-residence at the Mississippi Conference on Music and Liturgy in 1991, 1995, and 2003, and in 1998 he was composer-in-residence at the Evergreen Church Music Conference in Colorado.  He was the 1993 winner of the composition contest sponsored by St. Paul United Church of Christ in Chicago for his festival anthem Cantate Domino, published by Paraclete Press.  Other first prizes have come from the Virginia Bandmasters Association, the Texas Federation of Music Clubs, and the Episcopal Diocese of Alabama.

In addition to the extensive publication of White’s choral and instrumental music, his hymns are readily available through a number of sources:  the Episcopal Church’s The Hymnal 1982 and Wonder, Love, and Praise; The United Methodist Hymnal and its supplement; the hymnal of the United Church of Christ in Japan; Great Britain’s Worship Songs Ancient and Modern; and Hymns of Universal Praise, published by the Chinese Christian Literature Council LTD, among others.  Three collections of his hymns are published by Selah Publishing Co., Pittsburgh, PA:  Sing, My Soul:  The Hymns of David Ashley White (1996), Songs for a New Creation (2002), and New Harmony:  A Harp of Thousand Strings (2006).  The latter, in collaboration with hymn poet Richard Leach, pays homage to aspects of Southern hymnody style.

Compositional activities in 2008 included a performance of two movements from White’s The Blue Estuaries, sung at An American Masterpieces Choral Festival, hosted by the Houston Chamber Choir, Robert Simpson, director, and funded by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts; a performance of The Apple Tree in a new version for two-part trebles and flute, part of the 80th anniversary celebration of the Royal School of Church Music that was held at Washington’s National Cathedral; and performances of Elegy and Exaltation for violin, cello, and piano, played by the American Piano Trio on its recent tour in Russia.  The trio will also record the work for a forthcoming CD on the Beneficence label (see http://www.americanpianotrio.com/).

With a Bachelor of Music in oboe performance and a Master of Music in composition, both from the University of Houston, White, a seventh-generation Texan, earned the Doctor of Musical Arts from the University of Texas at Austin.  He is currently director of the University of Houston Moores School of Music and holds the Margaret M. Alkek and Margaret Alkek Williams Endowed Chair.

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Congregational Song publications
New Harmony: A Harp of Thousand Strings (125-427)
Sing My Soul: The Hymns of David Ashley White (125-026)
Songs for a New Creation: New Hymns of David Ashley White (125-027)
New! Mass for a Celebration (410-956)

Organ/Keyboard publications
Aria (David Ashley White, organ solo, 160-680, Mod. easy)
Brewer's Trumpet (David Ashley White, organ solo, 160-822, Mod. easy.)
Come, Pure Hearts: Introduction, Theme & Variations (David Ashley White, organ solo, 160-838, Mod. easy-Mod. diff.)
Fanfare for St. Anthony (David Ashley White, organ solo, 160-659, mod. diff.)
For the Means of Grace & for the Hope of Glory (David Ashley White, organ solo, 160-835, Mod. diff.)
Night Cries (David Ashley White, organ solo, 160-850, Difficult)
New! A Second Light (David Ashley White, organ solo, 160-660, Mod. easy)
Three Reflections on Hymn Tunes (David Ashley White, piano solo, 830-612, Mod. easy)

Vocal Solos
Easter Wings (David Ashley White, Medium-high voice and piano, 430-411, Mod. diff.)
Frontier Songs (David Ashley White, High voice and piano, 430-870, Mod. diff.)

Choral octavos
Order a complete set of all of White's choral octavos.
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O Love of God (David Ashley White, Unison choir, violin, 410-633, Mod. easy)
The Earth Is the Lord's (Unison voices, keyboard, opt. cong., 410-824)
New! Before the Marvel of This Night (David Ashley White, Two-part, handbells, perc., 405-245, Mod. easy)
Behold Now, Bless the Lord (SATB or SA/TB and organ, 410-870)
Best seller! Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing (Two-part and organ, 410-652)
Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus (White, Two-part, organ, 405-144, Mod. easy)
Earth Has Many a Noble City (Two-part choir and organ, 405-322)
Forgive Our Sins As We Forgive (Two-part choir and keyboard, 410-611)
Infant Holy, Infant Lowly (Two-part, keyboard, opt. flute/violin, 405-236)
Into the Woods My Master Went (David Ashley White, Two-part, kybd., 405-477, Mod. easy)
The Kingdom of Love (Two-part, flute or recorder, keyboard, percussion, 405-128, Mod. easy)
No More a Stranger or a Guest (White, Two-pt., C inst., bells or kybd., 410-833, Mod. easy)
New! Sing, My Soul (David Ashley White, Two-part, organ, 410-653, Mod. easy)
Tide of Angels (White, Two-part and handbells, mod. diff., 405-279)
What Star Is This (Praetorious, arr. White, Two-pt. choir, organ, opt. cong., 405-344, Easy)
Wherefore, O Maker (White, Two-part, oboe/C inst., organ, 420-515)
Alleluia, Song of Gladness (David Ashley White, SAB/SATB, bells, perc., 405-525, Mod. easy)
And His Gifts (David Ashley White, SAB, organ, 410-521, Mod. easy)
New! God Be in My Head (David Ashley White, SAB a cappella, 410-356, Mod. easy)
Lord, for Thy Tender Mercies Sake (David Ashley White, SAB, a cappella, 420-239, Mod. easy)
Lord Jesus, Make Me Holy (David Ashley White, SAB, a cappella, 420-240, Mod. easy)
Best seller! Promised Land (David Ashley White, SAB, kybd., flute, percussion, opt. cong., 425-817, Mod. easy)
Alleluia, Song of Gladness (David Ashley White, SAB/SATB, bells, perc., 405-525, Mod. easy)
Amarillo Canticles, The (Magnificat and Nunc dimittis) (David Ashley White, SATB, organ, 410-944, Difficult)
Best seller! Amazing Grace (SATB, oboe/C inst., organ, 420-733)
Are You Weary of Your Burden (David Ashley White, SATB, violin or kybd., 420-365 Mod. easy)
As Panting Deer (SATB and organ, 410-842)
Away in a Manger (David Ashley White, SATB, kybd., flute/oboe, violin, 405-238, Mod. easy)
Behold, He Came (Mixed voices and keyboard, 405-208)
Behold Now, Bless the Lord (SATB or SA/TB and organ, 410-870)
Be Thou My Vision (David Ashley White, SATB, kybd., 410-625, Mod. easy)
Bright the Cloud (White, SATB, organ, opt. brass quartet, 415-804)
Christians, We Have Met to Worship (SATB and keyboard, 410-621)
Christ Is Made the Sure Foundation (David Ashley White, SATB, org., opt. children, opt. cong., brass, 425-863, Mod. diff.)
Christ, Who Knows All His Sheep (David Ashley White, SATB and organ, 420-148, Mod. easy)
Come Away to the Skies (White, SATB a cappella, 405-555, Mod. diff.)
Come Down, O Love Divine (White, SATB, tpt. organ, opt. cong., 405-619, Mod. easy)
Come, Holy Spirit (White, SATB, organ, flute, 405-659, Mod. easy)
Come, Pure Hearts (David Ashley White, SATB, organ, opt. fl., bells, 420-382, Mod. easy)
Comfort, Comfort Ye My People (Mixed voices a cappella, 405-152)
Deo Gracias: Fauxbourdon Harmonizations (SATB, 415-702)
Fairest Lord Jesus (White, SATB a cappella, 420-235, Mod. easy)
God So Loved the World (SATB a cappella, 410-516)
Happy Are All Who Fear the Lord (David Ashley White, SATB, organ, oboe, opt. cong., 410-828, Mod. easy)
Hilariter (The Whole Bright World Rejoices Now) (David Ashley White, SATB, organ, flute, finger cymbals, 405-511, Mod. difficult)
Holy Spirit, Revive Your Church (SATB and organ, 405-636)
Hope Is the Harrowing (SATB and keyboard, 420-622)
How Many Wonders (David Ashley White, SATB and organ, 410-656, Mod. easy)
A Hymn of Glory (David Ashley White, SATB, organ, 405-526, Mod. easy)
Is a Murmuring Dove Nearby (SATB and organ, 405-251, Mod. easy)
It Came upon the Midnight Clear (SATB, keyboard, opt. cong., 405-268)
Jubilate (Psalm 100) (SATB and organ, 410-810, Difficult) Psalm 100
A New Creation (David Ashley White, SATB, organ, 420-121, Mod. easy)
O Heavenly Word (SATB a cappella, 405-117)
O Magnum Mysterium (White, SATB a cappella, 405-219, Diff.)
O Splendor of God's Glory Bright (David Ashley White, SATB, organ, 420-322, Mod. diff.)
O Thou Who-/Your Statutes Are My Songs (David Ashley White, SATB, organ, 410-451, Mod. easy)
Our Help Comes From the Lord (SATB, brass quintet, and organ, 410-663)
Our Holy Tribute, This (SATB a cappella, 410-627)
Over the Waves of Words (White, SATB, organ, 410-812, Mod. easy)
New! Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven (David Ashley White, SATB, organ, brass quartet, opt. cong., 425-865, Mod. easy)
Praise the Lord Who Reigns Above (David Ashley White, SATB, organ, 410-806, Mod. diff.)
Preces and Responses (David Ashley White, SATB, cantor, and organ, 410-955, Mod. easy)
The Rain and Snow
(David Ashley White, SATB, flute or violin, 410-535, Mod. easy)
Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us (White, SATB, organ, 420-249, Mod. easy)
Set Me As a Seal (White, SATB, kybd., 410-528, Mod. diff.)
New! Something New/Psalm 23 (David Ashley White, SATB, C inst., 410-802, Mod. easy)
Spirit, Moving Over Chaos (David Ashley White, Chorus, oboe/C inst., perc., opt. bells, Mod. easy)
Star in the East (SATB, organ, opt. percussion, 405-316)
Te Deum (David Ashley White, SATB, organ 410-935 Difficult)
Tell the News! (David Ashley White, SATB, organ, 405-564, Mod. easy)
The Call (SATB and organ, 418-606)
The Lord My Shepherd (SATB, oboe or C inst., organ, 410-823)
There's a Wideness in God's Mercy (SATB and organ, 420-243)
This Is a Day of New Beginnings (SATB, organ, opt. cong., 425-871, Mod. diff.)
Thy Holy Wings (David Ashley White, SATB, kybd., 410-309, Mod. easy)
To Thee, O Comforter Divine (David Ashley White, SATB and organ, 405-632, Mod. easy)
True Anointed One (SATB and organ, 405-388)
Two Fragments from Song of Solomon (White, SATB and piano, 222-221)
Upward Call, The (White, SATB, organ, 410-523)
Voice of Joy (David Ashley White, SATB, organ, 410-890, Mod. easy)
New! When Peace, Like a River (David Ashley White, SATB, keybd., 420-139, Mod. easy)
Where Is This Stupendous Stranger (David Ashley White, SATB, organ, 405-260, Mod. easy)
Without the Fire (SATB and organ, 410-275)
Wondrous Majesty (David Ashley White, SATB, organ, 405-230, Mod. easy)
Your Love, O God/Sweet Is the Day (David Ashley White, SATB, organ, 410-881, Mod. easy)

Alleluia (SSAATTBB, 410-931)

Echoes of the American Cathedral: Music of David Ashley White


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