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Behold, He Came

Composer David Ashley White
Text Harold Glen Brown
Voicing Mixed voices and organ
Church Season Christmas
2' 00" Price $1.50 (U.S.) Released 6/92
Catalog no. 405-208  Difficulty Easy
Discography Echoes of the American Cathedral: Music of David Ashley White, Robert Brewer, director and organist, Frances Anderson, co-director (Zephyr Productions Z-115-99)

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"Recommended"­The American Organist, April, 1993

"David Ashley White's Behold, he came will also find a place; the text is not my cup of tea ('Light of Noel lights, glow with radiance bright'), but its setting is effective." ­AAM Journal, October 1994

Description A delightful Christmas carol from David Ashley White and Harold Glen Brown. The carol has three stanzas which can be sung by unison choir or section, or as a solo. The memorable refrain "Behold, he came!" can be sung unison, four-part, or whatever forces you have on hand.

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Anthem text
Out of blackest night, shone a brilliant light.
When Herod and a Caesar reigned, was born a child of right.
Behold, he came! The word was flesh.
Make it dwell in us afresh.

Out of law's decree, came a spirit free;
proclaiming every timeless truth, through prophet's urgent plea. Refrain

Light of Noel lights, glow with radiance bright.
Resplendent as a priceless gem, reflect from us tonight. Refrain

Text: Harold Glen Brown, 1991.
©1992 Selah Publishing Co., Inc., Pittsburgh, Pa., 15227.

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